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I have been dealing with professional audio mix for over 12 years. At the begining I gained valuable experience recording a lot of musical material, both as a sound engineer and as a musician, developing my own unique style of work and aesthetics. I always put all my heart, strength and passion into my work as a mixing engineer. I make every material I work on sounding as perfect as it gets, taking care of the individual character of the artist who chooses to trust me.


As a long-time musician, I get to know the structure of a song inside out. I believe in constant searching for a sound that will convey emotions and passion of my musicians, and emphasize their uniqueness. I avoid duplicating patterns and taking shortcuts. In my work I am constantly guided by a sense of mission and responsibility for every piece that leaves my studio.


Over the years I have worked with artists representing extremely diverse musical worlds – from extreme types of metal, through rock & pop, and from classical to ethnic and electronic music. This open-minded approach keeps me fresh while working on it each new album or single.


I prefer to do mastering of songs that I mix. During the mixing process, I have a lot of opportunit recognize all the critical points of individual tracks and groups of instruments, and which of their mutual correlations affect the final effect. It helps me a lot in the concious mastering for the best results from the artist perspective.